Who we are?

We are a little biased towards the truth. We might still watch the old television but to say that we spend more time on the television than on the phone would be a sheer lie. We do not believe in pushing your product rather in pulling your customers to a purpose. A purpose of creativity and innovation driven concepts and products that both you and we stand by. We work as a team of collaborators, influencers and most importantly listeners to our clients. Our objective remains to provide results and never the excuses and reasons. So, if you hit an Iceberg while advertising We Welcome You. Join us on this digital venture, allow us to pitch over Pappu Ki Chai and we will make sure that you score that homerun in advertising.

/ Why us?

A network as deep as the Iceberg itself. Come find your 250 million profiled and 30 million engaged customers.


We don’t speak the language called ordinary. We put in blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights until we improve our client experience, boost their sales, and bring them closer to their business goals.


We are the odd ones out who know what they are doing. A little cocky? With a decade of experience, We could say that lead generation and digital marketing is our second nature. After all we deliver more than half a million leads till now.


We are tech savvy, geeks, gamers, innovators, artists, and technicians, but most of all we are revolutionists, constantly negotiating, demanding change and working on revolutionising the advertising space.

/ Our clients

The ones who love us; and make us feel proud!

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