Who we are?

ICEBERG is a Digital Advertising Agency specializing in Lead Generation, Performance Marketing & Branding. We deliver ROI driven results through SMS, Email, Search, Display & Social Media Channels. Having a strong foundation of the young & energetic team with more than 8 years of experience, we envision setting new benchmarks in the industry. We strive for client satisfaction by providing top-notch service and highest quality results that make a difference. Like the tip of an ICEBERG, we might seem small but down beneath we are 9 times of what it looks like at the surface.

/ Why us?

With us gain access to 250 Million profiled & 30 million engaged customers.
target people who will take most interest in your product; Potential customers resulting in higher ROI.


We love innovation and creativity. we spend hours of time in discussing new ideas. We strive to improve our client experience, boost their sales and bring them closer to their business goals.


We are highly skilled professionals with more than half decade experience in Lead Generation & Digital Marketing. Delivering more than half a million leads till now.


We are a team a talented multitaskers, we are masters of one, also jacks of all. We are geeks, techsavvy's, game lovers, innovative people, artists, technicians and the list goes on...

/ Our clients

The ones who love us; and make us feel proud!

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